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DEF CON 14 Scavenger Hunt

This is the year that Siviak took over the hunt.


So you think a scavenger hunt is just a fame for girlscouts? You think that you have the skills to stake your good name on the line and compete? Are you looking to get rid of that extra self-respect you have laying around? Then we welcome you to the rebirth of the scavenger hunt... DefCon style!

Looking for a game that will challenge every ounce of your leetness?

You've come to the right place.


The rules are the same as they have always been:

  1. 5 players to a team max
  2. You must submit the "item" to an OFFICIAL member of the ScavengerHunt staff. You will be able to identify these fine people by the nifty ScavHunt badge that they will be wearing.
  3. Only one "item" per team will be counted and you must present "proof" to an Official Judge (see rule #2). Sometimes that proof will be photos and sometimes it will be video. Sometimes it may entail you performing some sort of action and sometimes it will entail you making someone or something else do something... ya never know.
  4. owns all media generated by the scaventer hunt and may publish it as they deem fit. (we wont send anything to your mom)
  5. Bonus items are high point bonus endeavors that you get from Official Scavenger Hunt Judges (again, see Rule #2) after having turned in another item. Not all items on the list have bonus items attached to them, but all teams will be given the same fonus item after completed each specific item on the list (that will not be reviled until someone has turned in said item and received the bonus)
  6. Ther first team to submit an item will be awarded a bonus 5 points.
  7. The team with the most points by noon on Sunday wins. The official list will be released on Friday, the game begins then.

But don't fret, in the past there have been one man teams that have only competed for a day and still walked away with a sizable amount of points. This year there will also be a publicly known bonus of getting other teams to play. Think of it as some sort of sadistic MLM... you sponsor another team and you get points.


This came from

After a long break, I'm back! Siviak (long-time Scavenger Hunt Champion) and I, along with Tacitus, Kallaaher, Queeg, and others, are launching an all-new Scavenger Hunt that integrates art, technology, and absolute silliness and hilarity. I'm very excited to be a part of the event, mainly because technology has finally caught up to all the ideas I've had in the past to improve it and make it more engaging.

I started the Scavenger Hunt nine years ago (1997! We're old!) with my zine System Failure, and ran it from our table. It gave us something interesting to do while we were promoting the zine and selling shirts and comics.. we came up with a list that was a mix of things we thought would be funny to see hackers do, and things we thought would be fun or impressive. Some of my craziest Defcon memories are from the Scavenger Hunt- TDYC's duck they had in their bathtub, Barbie dancing topless on our table as everyone stopped to stare, the Samoan streakers who wouldn't put their clothes back on, tons of boobs I drew and tagged on, grass from the Hilton cuz we got kicked out for standing on their lawn, Pac-Bell truck door, crazy penguin sculptures, slot machine handle nunchucks, people getting married, people jumping into the pool with as many layers of clothing they could handle.. the ultimate wish on my list never happened- I wanted someone to reprogram the flashy LED signs to say System Failure.

Technology really has caught up to what I wanted to do back in the day- with cameraphones and digicams available to pretty much everyone, the Scavenger Hunt staff doesn't need to travel to see proof that you're doin something crazy. I've always wanted to incorporate GPS as well.

But most importantly, I've always structured the hunt so that you could win even if you showed up in Vegas with just the clothes on your back (usually with the help of very-prepared teammates). That balance was always fun and important to me. Keeping people guessing, letting the hunt be a part of your weekend, and adding to the crazy atmosphere that is Defcon.

Usually I start planning the hunt a couple weeks before the con- I don't know why, I just never get around to it. This time we're focused, and ready. We have a panel of judges and planners who are putting everything they can into the Scavenger Hunt. It's going to be an amazing event. If you haven't played yet.. this is the year to start.


  1. Vegas 2.0
    Hackajar, PacketBaron, Holly, Jake, and Ripshy
  2. AUM
  3. DefG