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DEF CON 29 Scavenger Hunt

This year we did hybrid, running the hunt on-site in Las Vegas and on the DEF CON Discord.


As Las Vegas emerges from the pandemic, so too does DEF CON's longest consecutive running competition! This year, the DEF CON Scavenger Hunt will be broadcasting from our bunker to the DEF CON Discord server as well as coming to you live on-site, for those that are willing and able to travel to Las Vegas. To even the playing field between those remote and in-person, we continue to limit the game to single players only. The game will begin at 10:00AM Friday morning and end at noon on Sunday. The top three teams will receive prizes, glory, and most importantly bragging rights. The DEF CON Scavenger Hunt table can be found in the contest area. Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate scavenger? Mask up, strap on, and don your hazmat suit to find out!

If you like to watch, tune in for the live stream on our website.


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Final Scores

DC29 final scores