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DEF CON 9 Scavenger Hunt


The scavenger hunt this year is being run behalf of FLippersmack (project that replaced sysfail) with the help of Kline ezine (hackcanada) to ensure that there'll always be someone there. Stop by and pick up the rules and enter the contest! Check out the official scavenger web site.


DC9 list


This was originally written by Pinguino in a zine called Flippersmack:

Circuit, Random Dent, Fantom

Siviak, Wolfe, Banshee, Texorist

THIRD PLACE: Blackcell
Carl B, Hampton

Prizes included: Original art and comic books from Penguin Palace and
Comics Conspiracy, T-shirts from Jinx Hackwear,, Cult of the
Dead Cow, Phone Losers of America, Halibut Stuff, Iron Feather Journal, as
well as shot glasses and a hat from DefCon, Tux from Nerdgear, mugs from
AtNetworks, books from Loompanics, toy linesmen's handset and hats from
Phone Losers of America, and stickers from Penguin Palace,,
Halibut Stuff, and Phone Losers of America.

How did they win?

Each team is given a piece of paper with items to do or bring to us. When
some of the items are brought back, the team is given a higher-value clue
to solve. Many of the clues were location-based and written on the spot.

Both Exxodus and A-Team showed considerable dedication and enthusiasm for
the hunt, as well as endless creativity and ingenuity. 

How did A-Team win? They didn't sleep much. A-Team did almost every small
clue and bonus clue they were handed, which involved acts like swimming
naked laps in the pool, bringing a live Coy fish, writing a limerick with
the word "fuselage" and creating a penguin out of data cables and tape!
They also duct-taped themselves to each other for 20 mins, wore pants
backwards for 3 hours, found Bill Jenkins and Cook E. Jar, got the secret
clue off of Jackalope's CD, fed's business card, and got RBCP to draw a

Exxodus gets props on their nakedness. They did every naked challenge
presented to them, as well as random weird stuff like Siviak wearing 13
tshirts and 4 pairs of pants and jumping into the pool. They made cable
art out of a fake leg, and their team member Texorist actually got married
in Vegas on DefCon weekend! Wow, congrats Texorist. Banshee tongue-raped
an unsuspecting Pesto, and the team brought over a guy named Swan. They
also found every phrase that followed "Win or Die" in the GameWorks
payphones, as well as the director of "The MPire Strikes Back: an M&M

This is the third year for the Scavenger Hunt, and it's gotten bigger and
better each time! Thank you, everyone who participated: the players, their
friends, prize donators, and Flippersmack staff! You guys asked for the
Scavenger Hunt, and you made it come together! Good luck next year!


Here is a video showing the 2nd place team.