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DEF CON 10 Scavenger Hunt

This was the first year Grifter and his SLC2600 friends ran the hunt.


Under the link above is "stats" page, this is key. Throughout the hunt we will be constantly updating this page. We want people to know what teams are playing and what their current point level is. I'm hoping this will make things a little more competitive. I know that there were people walking around last year that were sure they were going to win, but when all was said and done they didn't even place in the top three. If you know you're 50 points away from first place, you're probably going to try and get those last 50 points before the day is up. At least that's the theory. Oh, by the way, we'll be keeping a hard copy record of all the points, so if you were thinking of going CTF on the site, you'd be wasting your time.

The Hunt Box. While there is no link to it now, after the hunt we are hoping this page will be packed with good stuff. Whenever we have an item or task that is marked with "Proof" it means we need picture or video evidence of completing the task or receiving an item. We'll be setting up a box equipped with a video capture card and we're also hoping to grab all the images people take while hunting for items. This will all be added here after the hunt so people can see all the things that people did, or teams can relive their experiences.

Speaking of teams. Above you can see a link called "teams". We will be accepting pre-registration for the hunt, so if you want to come up with a team name and submit pictures of your team ahead of time, we'll post it there. I think this will be good so that people can see who they're competing against before they even get to Vegas. This should prompt Nancy Kerrigan style attacks, which is always good.

The Rules

  1. Teams will consist of no more than 5 people. The team with the most points by noon on Sunday wins the hunt.
  2. Items must be brought to an official Scavenger Hunt Crew member. Members will be wearing authorized badges. The points will be logged at the Scavenger Hunt table.
  3. Only one item will be counted per team, "Proof." in listing means videotape or photograph the action so that we know that you really did it, otherwise bring the actual item in question or talk to a crew member about where to do it? Where applicable, an audio recording may suffice.
  4. 2600SLC and the Hektik crew may publish any writing, video or photo brought to us, or taken by us. We would like copies of video footage and images for our archives.
  5. Bonus Items are high value endeavors that can be obtained through special hand delivered notes upon completing a task. They could be puzzles or excursions? Not all items will have bonus items. However, each item will have the same Tier 2 item tied to it, this way it's fair.
  6. The first team to find a listed or bonus item will receive the value of the item plus 5 additional points.


  1. Team Exodus
    Siviak, Almus, Seric, Viru5, and Octalpussy
  2. agave?
  3. stupid team name