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DEF CON 11 Scavenger Hunt


Welcome Back to Defcon, and thanks for reading about the Scavenger Hunt. It's been a year and we're gearing up to once again catch Las Vegas with its pants down. The hunt will again be brought to you by the good folks of Utah, more specifically and 2600SLC. We had so much fun last year; we just knew we had to do it again.

The hunt works well when left undisturbed so we'll be sticking with the format that has worked in years past. For those of you that have competed in the hunt, you know what we mean. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of competing, you'll figure things out relatively quickly. It's a Scavenger Hunt, Defcon style.

What exactly does that mean? Well, you'll be looking for items that range from Boots Full of Pudding to Candles shaped like Penises, and you'll have a blast doing it. Items are not limited to the physical of course; you may complete tasks to gain points for your team as well. You'll be given an Item List first thing Friday morning with a ridiculous amount of items and their corresponding point values. The team with the most points by Noon on Sunday, Wins. That's it.

The stats will be back this year but with less glitches we assure you. The stats will be projected onto the wall of the Vendor Area in an attempt to drive more fierce competition. When we put the stats up Sunday at Defcon 10 there were two teams far in the lead and a few stragglers towards the bottom. We had someone walk by; notice the points it would take to get 3rd place, grab a list and go. He took 3rd and split the prizes amongst himself. So keep watching the wall, it might be easy for you to place.

On the Main Page of the hunt website there is a link that says "Teams". This is where you can feature your team after the con, to let others know you competed in the hunt. Send your team name and members handles to to get your team posted here. We encourage you to send photos of team members too. They will also be posted.

We will be collecting photos and video of items found and tasks completed for posterity. It'll be a nice way to remember the hunt, and you can laugh at all of the items from years past. Any time an item has the word "Proof" next to it means that the hunt staff will require a picture or video of the task or item being found or completed. You can also complete tasks in front of the Hunt Staff at the Scavenger Hunt table in the Vendor Area. This is also encouraged since it makes the vendor area a little more exciting and is a good time for the staff.


  1. Teams will consist of no more than 5 people. The team with the most points by Noon on Sunday wins the hunt.
  2. Items must be brought to an official Scavenger Hunt Staff member. Members will be wearing authorized badges. The points will be logged at the Scavenger Hunt table.
  3. Only one item will be counted per team, "Proof." in listing means videotape or photograph the action so that we know that you really did it, otherwise bring the actual item in question or talk to a Scavenger Hunt Staff member about where to do it? Where applicable, an audio recording may suffice.
  4. and 2600SLC may publish any writing, video or photo brought to us, or taken by us. We would like copies of video footage and images for our archives.
  5. Bonus Items are high value endeavors that can be obtained through special hand delivered notes upon completing a task. They could be puzzles or excursions? Staff can create bonus items and their designated point values as they see fit although they must be approved by Grifter, dedhed, or kampf.
  6. The first team to find a listed or bonus item will receive the value of the item plus 5 additional points.
  7. Points may only be granted by a member of the Scavenger Hunt Staff. The Goons, while great guys/gals are not hunt staff and can not give you points for anything, at all, so forget it. Do not attempt to ask any Goons for points. There are three Goons that are Hunt Staff. Grifter, dedhed, and kampf. If anyone other then these three individuals says they can get you points for the hunt for something, you are going to look pretty silly trying to convince the Hunt Staff to give said points to you.

Well, that should pretty much cover it. We hope to have a great hunt this year and hope to have some great teams competing. So head over to the Vendor Area and pick up a hunt list first thing Friday morning and get started. The hunt is a great way to enjoy Defcon and Las Vegas, and make some great memories as well. Hope you like what we've done, and hope to see you competing


  1. Cunning Linguists
    Siviak, Xstasy, Nous, Pinguino, and Octalpussy
  2. The Winning Team
  3. Bois