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DEF CON 23 Scavenger Hunt

It was the first year with our 16 screen video wall, which we got dumpster diving after CES one year.


The strangest, loudest, most chaotic and quite possibly the most infamous game at DEF CON...the Scavenger Hunt! Back once again with a list full of crazy tasks and hard to fnd items. It's a test of creativity, determination, brains, and above all, the hacker mentality.

VHS Tape

Folowing the success of the floppy disk at DC22, we produced a VHS tape with a number of items hidden within; you can watch it here.

The items included on the tape:


The list can be found here.

DC23 list page 1 DC23 list page 2

Final Scores

This was the closest game, two teams battled to break the tie.

The winning team members were Biom, D, Terje, Stephen, and Jack.

DC23 final scores