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DEF CON 24 Scavenger Hunt

EvilMoFo took over as the lead this year. We implemented a point decay for items, which encouraged teams to visit the table more often to maximize their points. While some might argue that turning in all the items on Sunday is part of the game, it was causing a lot of issues for us judges; the point decay mechanism fixed the game.

We also introduced IBMAN to the world; his screen outputs items being recorded in the scoreboard and acts as a record that your points are awarded correctly.


Defcon 24 marks the 19th DEF CON Scavenger Hunt, the longest consecutive running contest at Defcon.

The DEF CON community is one big, highly dysfunctional, family and the Scav Hunt celebrates that kinship. Over the last year, we have been coming up with items and actions to engage your skills in social engineering, technical discovery, dumpster diving, and perversion.

In order to play, you must register a team, at our table, in the contest area; your team must not exceed fve (5) members. Each team will receive a list with items and their respective point values. It is up to your team to turn in as many points as possible before Sunday morning when we close the table. For an idea of what the list will be like, we suggest looking at the previous lists that are posted on

Recently, we went dumpster diving and found some nifty looking machines; unfortunately, when we plugged them in, they seem to have nuked our scoring mechanism. Help us fnd the source, bring us a functional geiger counter and turn in item 12. Teams will fall out of contention if they don't act quickly, the points decay over time.

To appease our new ai overlords, we suggest tuning your television to channel 13 in the contest area for important information.


We did multiple versions of art for this year, featuring our new friend IBMAN, which added extra complexity.

DC24 Scavenger Hunt logo DC24 Scavenger Hunt logo


This was the first year we printed the list on 17 inch greenbar using our dot-matrix printers. The text of the list can be found here.

Final Scores

The winning team members were Vrille, Gladius Dollium, Dr Doom, Deck, and TJ Prime.

DC24 final scores